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We are a next-generation independent record label and music publication firm for dynamic, competitive, and entrepreneurial artists, songwriters, and producers. Our aim is simple –

“We strive to manifest the journey of life through the sound of music! ”

At the Studio

After witnessing progress in technology, budding artists infer it as the downfall of record labels. However, this mindset keeps them from becoming notable recording artists. The truth is, in the age of SoundCloud and Twitter, where the digital shift has transformed the entire music industry, record labels have become even more critical than they have ever been!

Why Do You Need Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC?

Simple – Our record label can help you craft your songs into hits that are a force to be reckoned with, especially considering the throat-cutting competitive industry!

Mixer Keys

Personal Touch

It’s true that unlike decades earlier when the only way to make professional music was through getting a good deal from a record label, the time has changed. However, technological advancements still can’t replace the A&R experience of working with an authentic company that knows how to win people’s hearts in the first ten seconds. 

Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC works to help artists add a personal touch to their work, setting them up for success and bringing out the best in all new artists by implementing everything we know about music.

Publishing and Promotion

Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC can be the stairway to making your music go viral online while finding you partners in advertising, TV promos, films, and other worthy mediums. Doing this alone is not only impossible without the right contacts but also excessively expensive.

Perfect PR

When artists are left to deal with the devil that is social media, things can turn upside down in the flick of a moment. On the contrary, entrepreneurs can reach new heights with maximum positive exposure when an expert record label handles this aspect.

Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC can perfect your PR by finding the on-point balance between your artistic vision and marketing tactics that maximize sales and streams!


Modern technology has made it possible for every other halfway artist to create and upload their music on the internet. In these trying circumstances, you can’t go without a credible name connected with yours when striving to make your success a big one.

Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC can give artists credibility while giving them the chance to only focus on what’s important – their music! 


While artists can make their music digitally accessible on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, releasing their albums on popular mediums like Spotify and iTunes can be an arduous and expensive process.

This is where Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC steps in to get your work up and running on platforms that are worth it! 

Go Big or
Go Home!

Lastly, when it comes to music production, you either go big or go home. Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC makes it their mission to push new artists to reach for the stars, breaking into the mainstream and acquiring the global superstar status!

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