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Welcome to Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC! Here, you can witness us manifesting the journey of life through the sounds of music!

How it all came to be:

Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC is a record label company and music production firm based in North Carolina. Founded by Jean Alexander in 2021, the company aims to facilitate pure inspiration and artistic inventiveness. 

For as long as he remembers, Jean Alexander wanted to learn how to produce music. And so, in mid-2020, he could finally follow his long-time dream during the pandemic, i.e., studying and learning the art of music with the most respected mentors. Ironically, he turned out to be a natural at it and kept absorbing all knowledge on the subject. 

Twelve months later, Jean Alexander started his own record label company, finding some of the best independent artists to work with. He’s now using his talent, expertise, and passion to build artists’ careers.

The rest, as they say, is history!



Our Mission

All in all, Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC is a record label company supporting music publishing and management. Our goal is to connect with up-and-coming music artists, songwriters, and producers. Moreover, we’re steadfast in our commitment to building their careers by putting their best foot forward.

Besides welcoming talented artists to our team, we plan to allow independent music enthusiasts to submit their works to us down the road. The label will also provide music production and distribution services, featuring the best songwriters, artists, and producers. The ultimate motive of this platform’s existence is to find all rising stars the best partners in advertising, films, television, etc.

Everyone Is Welcome!

Our company is not defined by or comes under the restriction of any box. All singers, songwriters, and producers trading in distinct genres are welcome to share their work with us. The same goes for our production firm, as we can help diverse artists with music management and publishing.

Our Taping Policy 

If you enjoy taping music shows, Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC itself doesn’t mind. However, that said, each artist and their management reserves the right to decide otherwise, and their decision must be adhered to by all.

All recordings published by Jean Alexander Management Group, LLC, must be used only for personal use and trading. Additionally, commercializing or selling any music is illegal, and it can jeopardize taping privileges for all individuals involved.

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